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The active chair Skate is an innovative chair with a rocking system integrated into the seat, which ensures balance for the user. The backrest of the chair was designed by Bertolini – Ferrarese and Scagnellato, who were inspired by the movement of a skateboard. Designers gave the Skate active chair a shape that adapts to body movements.

Skate is made in Italy and designed with care for the environment. 85% of suppliers are local service providers. This not only increases the importance of the fact that the chair is made in Italy, but also reduces CO2 emissions in the environment. The high quality of the materials makes the chair particularly durable. The chair can be easily dismantled and completely recycled after its useful life.

The Skate active chair is perfect for the office as well as the home workspace thanks to its minimal design. The movement of the 3D seat of the chair follows the body of its user and keeps it active, stimulating the muscles and ensuring perfect comfort. The armrests are adjustable in height to ensure the best comfort. The back of the chair is made of durable mesh fabric.

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