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Melnā govs

Melnā Govs project is modern, striving for achievements and innovations. In this project, the THOMSON Furniture project manager chose office furniture that is not only functional, but also bold!

Much attention was paid to the fact that the rooms are large, with large windows, which means that annoying noises can occur during work. For this reason, acoustic partitions were chosen at the office desks to absorb noise. In order to visually arrange the room, in this project we used two double tables, each with four workstations, as well as to maintain airiness, a drawer unit that is attached to the table surface was preferred. EVA 2 ergonomic chairs were chosen as task chairs. They are functional and easy for the user to adjust, so it is especially comfortable to sit on.


As conference rooms are designed not only for short but also for longer meetings, it is important that office furniture is designed for both deep and dynamic conversations. These features are perfectly combined with the GAMA chair with a swing. Its padded seat and backrest will provide long-lasting comfort and the swing will serve to reduce stress. In order to create an aura of stability and security in the room, a PLANA conference table was chosen for the conference room, which is perfect for up to 12 people. The conference table used in the Melnā Govs project is equipped with a black metal body, which is not only very stable, but also creates a sophisticated overall image. The table top has two cut-outs with covers for cable ducts to make it easy to use smart devices during meetings.

The Executive cabinet had to be dynamic and combine several functions. It was equipped with a cozy meeting area with AIR table and GAMA chairs. Classic was chosen as the Executive chair – it is modern and concisely described as bold and sophisticated.

During the development of the project, special attention is paid to the colors of the selected office furniture. The rooms are lively orange and soothing gray, with some black details. In this way, a balance was struck between attention-grabbing and peace-building.


  • Pedrali;
  • Narbutas;
  • Sitland.

Client: Melnā Govs

Year: 2020

Project manager: Laura Butele